Door-Phone (with remotre control function)
Alarm dialler

Door-Phone (with remote control function)

Telephone connection by pressing call button and door-opening function using DTMF 5 or 7 with adjustable activation time.

Alarm dialler

- Vestibules of lifts or places with risk of trapping
- Emergency dialler conform to EN18-28 and EN81-70


User manual:
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Wiring Door-Phone application:
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Wiring Alarm dialler application:
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- retrofit-material

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Neues Zubehör: Aufputzlösung für Nachrüstungen. INOX/Chromstahlfrontplatte auf einem transparenten Kunststoffrahmen, in den eine passende Notbeleuchtung integriert werden kann.
New accessory

Mitglied der VFA-
Interlift E.V.


Additional connectors:

Door contact input signal = Misuse
If during the pre-alarm (= max. cabin travel time) a change in signal is detected, the call will be terminated.

External EN81-70 Symbols
Instaed of the internal LED-indicators with light-pipes you may connect external symboles (max 400mA).

Accessory socket
e.g. for connecting an additional cummincation-unit in or on top of the cabin.