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Neues Zubehör: Aufputzlösung für Nachrüstungen. INOX/Chromstahlfrontplatte auf einem transparenten Kunststoffrahmen, in den eine passende Notbeleuchtung integriert werden kann.
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EasyAlarm® ELEVATOR is extendable. Different extension-units provide full hands free communication on a separate location, e.g. to be mounted on top of the cabin or behind the operating panel.

EasyAlarm® ELEVATOR allows remote access. The service centre can access the alarm unit(s) at any time either directly or – if the telephone line is shared with a telephone | modem – in a two step dial-in procedure. The access can be with or without PIN-code protection. After the connection is estabilshed the centre is able to talk to a person inside the cabin or to re-program the calling number(s) or the calling sequence or even to start or stop the periodical communication tests.

EasyAlarm® ELEVATOR intercoms with indoor-fire brigade-station. It allows a hands free communication between two out of three rooms (cabin | machine-room | fire-brigade-station).

EasyAlarm® ELEVATOR is simple due to fully voice-guided user interface. Different languages are aviable (english/german/french/ netherland).

EasyAlarm® ELEVATOR calls automatically as soon as a trapped person activates the emergency button. Up to nine calling numbers can be stored. In case of an alarm, these numbers will be called in a sequence until the alarm is acknowledged.

EasyAlarm® ELEVATOR prevents misus. A built in misuse detection prevents from misuse. If the alarm unit detects a change of a door-contact within the maximum duration of cabins travel the emergency call will be stopped automatically.

EasyAlarm® ELEVATOR monitors sensor contact(s). In addition to the emergency button an alarm can be triggered as soon as a sensor-contact is activated (= malfunction contact).

EasyAlarm® ELEVATOR announces the location of the elevator. Additionally to the cause of alarm, the individual pre-recorded message will be announced, giving the alarm centre immediate the information about the location of the cabin. Additionally the elevators PIN-code can be announced.

EasyAlarm® ELEVATOR connects. After these announcements a hands free communication is established and the centre is immediately in contact with the person seeking assistance and can take appropriate action!

EasyAlarm® ELEVATOR tele-controls.. With the appropriate accessories a relays switch can be activated or deactivated during telephone connection, e.g. to release a key for the fire brigade.

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