Successful analogue telephony. Why ?

A lot of people gave the analogue telephony not
good Future chances. The reasons were new
developments like “ISDN” or "Voice of over IP",
which made the digital telephony possible.

Today an ISDN installation is rare. The reasons
are the costs of installation and hardware.
Further are new techniques with high data trans-
missions responsible, such as ADSL, that ISDN
is not longer interesting.

Today "Voice of over IP" products become already
offered. In Switzerland offers the Cablecom a
modem, which connects over the television net to
the Internet and also to the telephone network.

Now back to the analogue telephony. The
analogue telephony survived all new
developments. It gives analogue adapters for
ISDN modems and the modem from the Cable-
com even has an analogue port integrated! This
means that analogue connection possibilities
are very common today. That is at home and also
in hotels the case. That’s why Bébétel and
EasyAlarm function nearly at each location.

Therefore the products of the Leitronic become
also in the future equipped with the proven
analogue telephone technology.