Customer opinions to bébétel

Ladies and Gentlemen
Yesterday I have sent you an E-Mail because I
needed assistance for my bebetel. I was sur-
prised as a few seconds later my mobile phone
rang. We could solve the Problem fast and I can
spend a calm vacation now. It is still excellent to
buy Swiss quality. A big praise to your product
and your customer service. We can only further-
recommend it!!! Best thanks

Sandro H.

Ladies and Gentlemen
We have the green bebetel from you (since
approx. 3 Years). We always were very happy
with the bebetel. Now however the equipment
became ever more quietly and often comes the
beep 6 times. Sometimes the bebetel works and
sometimes not. Should we send the Bebetel
back to you to repair, or should we buy a new
one? Greetings

Ruth G.

What happened with the bébétel from Mrs. G.?

Mrs. G. sent us her bébétel. The Leitronic found
out that the telephone cord was defective and
that the bébétel worked perfectly.
It is unfortunately very frequently that customers
mean that the bébétel is defectively. Over 95%
of all cases an empty battery or a wrong or
defective telephone cord is the cause for a
Therefore we beg all bébétel customers to visit
first our support site on the homepage or cal
l the Info-Line: +41 (0) 56,648 40 40.




Tell us your opinion and
experiences with bébétel.
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