Call-centre solution WinMOS®300

The elevator standard EN81-28 prescribes that
elevator emergency call devices must be
examined at least every 72 hours. EasyAlarm
or EXICALL EN70 makes this
examination automatically with the routine call.
This routine call can go to the management
program WinMOS®300. WinMOS®300 is based
on the Windows platform.
The following functions are supported:

1. Emergency calls receive and log (automatic
identification of the location).

2. Automated dial in after an emergency call.

3. Administration of the routine calls (at least every
72h; EN81-28)

4. Remote configuration of the call numbers, pin
code, dial in parameters,  interval of the routine
call and call-back parameters of the EasyAlarm

Necessary hardware:
The management program WinMOS®300 runs
on each Windows PC with ISDN interface. No
expensive auxiliary components are needed.

Further information about WinMOS®300

Call-center Lösung WinMOS 300