The vacation time begins soon. Have you thought of everything ?

That your bébétel in holidays has also
a completely reliably function !

During your holidays your bébétel has to work
like at home. To ensure that bébétel will works
correct proceed as follows:

1. Inform on your holiday location whether an
analogue connection for your bébétel is available.
Ask for example for the possibility to connect a
Notebook over a telephone line to the Internet.
If that is possible, your bébétel will work.

2. Ensure that you have the correct telephone
adapter. If you should not have a suitable
adapter, order your adapter set for foreign use.

3. Replace the old battery by a new one. If the
power supply in the hotel does not work, you
have the guarantee with the new battery that
your bébétel will still work.

The Leitronic team wishes you pleasant holidays !

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