Elevator emergency call: Retrofit in no time!


With only two wires, the unit Nano will be connected to EA-UMTS/GSM-Interface 100.08x4 enabling communication, supply of status lights and the emergency light.

Nano is compliant tp EN81-28 and EN81-70 and provides local connectivity options such as the "emergency call button input" or "Alarm horn output."

Additional connectors:

Door contact input signal = Misuse
If during the pre-alarm (= max. cabin travel time) a change in signal is detected, the call will be terminated.

Emergency light output for external LED
The emergency light is activated when the supply on the EA-UMTS/GSM-Interface or the system-contact "ready" is lost.

Accessory socket
e.g. for connecting an additional cummincation-unit in or on top of the cabin.

Another plus: The new System-Nano is easy to program via SMS (eg, via call-center solution WinMOS®300). Alarm numbers, identification, max. travel time can be transmitted via SMS or queried.


  • One System-Nano per elevator.

  • No machine-room/fire-brigade communication

=> otherwise use dialler EasyAlarm / Exicall EN70 with secondary unit EA-LMx70

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