In-house SMD-placement

During the first Quarter 2008 the Leitronic AG has moved into the new manufacturing area combined with SMD-placement. The vantages are that we are more flexible to customer demands and that we are more independent from placement suppliers.
For the SMD-placement three new machines are required:

1. Semi Automatic Printer: The printer puts the solder trough a stencil onto the conductor board.

2. Pick and Place system: With the pick and place system the small SMD-components will be placed exactly at the position with solder from the printer. The SMD-components are stored in rolls. The rolls are placed around the pick and place system.Bestückungsautomat

3. Reflow oven: The conductor board fitted with SMD-components will be heated in three zones. In the third zone the solder melts and make a durable connection between conductor board and the SMD-components.

Course of instruction by Swiss company Essemtec: The course took one week and it was amazing what we accomplished in this time. At the end we produced already LMK and bébétels.

Many thanks to Essemtec for the great job!
Schulung durch Essemtec