New technique module EA-TECH433 expands the product range

With the new technique module
sensor contacts can be transmitted
easily by radio

With the technique module any sensor can be
integrated into EasyAlarm HOME and/or
EasyAlarm WRL HOME. As soon as an alarm
will be detected, the alarm will be transmitted
by radio to the EasyAlarm alarm unit. In this
sense the new technique module supple-
ments the magnet contact.

Characteristics of the technique module

- 1 alarm contact input for water detectors or
  disturbance detectors i.e. (NO or NC)

- 1 sabotage contact input (NC)

- Supply voltage for a sensor (12 V/150 mA)

- Hourly routine message

- Supplies by 230 VAC

- It is easy to integrate into an existing radio
  monitoring system


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